Glossary by "G"

  • 299

    Galvanic cell

    A combination of electrodes, separated by electrolyte, that is capable of producing electrical energy by electrochemical action.

  • 300


    The manner in which electricity is generated. The electricity that flows through California

  • 301

    Generation and transmission cooperative

    Acronym(s): G&T co-op

    A not-for-profit entity that is owned by several distribution cooperatives. A G&T cooperative supplies and transmits electricity to member co-ops.  

    Source: ESA Technical Working Group
  • 302

    Generator shift factor

    Acronym(s): GSF

    A factor to be applied to a generator

  • 303


    Acronym(s): GW

    One billion Watts of power.

    Source: ESA Technical Working Group
  • 304


    Acronym(s): GW

    A measure involving one billion watts being generated, transmitted, distributed or used continuously for one hour. (Note the difference between GigaWatt-hours of energy and a GigaWatt of power where power reflects the rate at which electric energy is generated, transmitted, distributed or used).  

    Source: ESA Technical Working Group
  • 305

    Gravitational potential energy

    Potential energy associated with a mass due to the mass’ vertical position or height. The energy is stored as the result of the gravitational effect of the Earth on the mass.

    Source: ESA Technical Working Group