Glossary by "H"

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    Harmonic distortion

    Changes to the voltage waveform in an alternating current (AC) system, from a simple sinusoidal waveform to a complex waveform. Harmonic distortion can cause overheating of and damage to electrical equipment and suboptimal performance of electricty-using equipment.

    Source: ESA Technical Working Group
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    Heat rate

    A measure of thermal generation conversion efficiency expressed as the amount of fuel (energy) input for a given electric energy output. Typically heat rate is expressed as the number of BTUs of fuel input per kWh of output (energy).

    Source: ESA Technical Working Group
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    Host balancing authority

    1.  A Balancing Authority that confirms and implements Interchange Transactions for a Purchasing Selling Entity that operates generation or serves customers directly within the Balancing Authority

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    Hour-ahead market

    The electric power futures market that is established one-hour before delivery to end-user customers.

  • 310

    Hour-ahead price

    See: Hour-ahead market

    Price for electricity in an hour-ahead market.

    Source: ESA Technical Working Group
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    Any chemical compound comprised of hydrogen and carbon. Familiar examples include elements of wood, petroleum, coal, natural gas and propane.

    Source: ESA Technical Working Group
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    The process using flowing water to turn turbines to generate electric power.