Glossary by "K"

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    Kilowatt (kw)

    A unit of power equal to one thousand Watts.

    Source: ESA Technical Working Group
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    Acronym(s): kWh

    A measure involving one thousand watts being generated, transmitted, distributed or used continuously for one hour. The kiloWatt-hour is perhaps the most common unit of electric energy; it is used by utilities for billing. (Note the difference between kiloWatt-hours of energy and a kilowatt of power where power reflects the rate at which electric energy is generated, transmitted, distributed or used).  

    Source: ESA Technical Working Group
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    Kinetic energy

    The energy of motion. Any mass that is in motion has kinetic energy. Some forms of kinetic energy include vibrational, rotational and translational (i.e. due to motion from one location to another).

    Source: ESA Technical Working Group