Glossary by "Q"

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    Qualified facilities

    Acronym(s): QFs

    An individual or corporation owning and/or operating a generation facility, but not primarily engaged in the generation or sale of electric power. QFs are either renewable power production or co-generation facilities that qualify under Section 201 of PURPA.

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    Qualifying facility

    Acronym(s): QF

    A class of electric energy producer characterized by 1. small-scale “self-generation” for commercial loads and that may generate surplus energy or 2. self-generators that generate excess electric energy, incidental to other activities such as heat production. Such facilities that meet requirements established by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s regarding ownership, power and efficiency may sell electricity to the utility which is required to purchase the energy at a price that is based on the utility’s avoided cost. That arrangement tends to be favorable to the producer. A key driver for establishing this class of producers was to reduce air emissions, increase fuel efficiency and to reduce dependence on imported sources of energy.  

    Source: ESA Technical Working Group