Glossary by "U"

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    Unit commitment (generation)

    A specific generating unit that has been “committed” to provide electricity. The unit commitment process involves a determination of which generator will be needed to serve the expected load during a specified period of time. Often unit commitment is scheduled one day in advance. A generation unit is said to be committed once operation of the generator starts although a committed unit may not be dispatched unless it is actually needed.

    Source: ESA Technical Working Group
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    Unplanned outage

    An interruption of electric generation, transmission or distribution operation which is not scheduled.

    Source: ESA Technical Working Group
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    Upgrade deferral

    Delay the need to replace or enhance equipment within the grid, usually by using a power source or load management to reduce the peak load served by the equipment to below the equipment’s rated power. See also life extension and transmission and distribution upgrade deferral.

    Source: ESA Technical Working Group
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    Use case

    A specific deployment of a storage system for one or more applications and/or one or more benefits.

    Source: ESA Technical Working Group
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    Utility distribution company

    Acronym(s): DISCO

    A distribution wired business and a regulated retailer who serves end-use customers