ESA Reports

Capacity Value of Energy Storage in PJM

Published July 2019

Astrapé Consulting performed a capacity valuation of energy-limited resources (ELRs) using the Strategic Energy and Risk Valuation Model (SERVM) for the PJM Interconnection, L.L.C. (PJM). The intent of this analysis was to determine the duration requirements for ELRs based on their ability to provide the same reliability benefits as conventional fully-dispatchable resources. The results demonstrate that with energy storage deployments up to 4,000 MW, 4 hours of duration allows those resources to provide full capacity value relative to a resource without duration limits. With energy storage deployments up to 8,000 MW, 6 hours of duration allows those resources to provide full capacity value. Within these limits, storage can replace traditional generation MW-for-MW with no reduction in system reliability.

Energy Storage Incentive Programs

Published February 2019

Energy storage is an increasingly cost-effective solution for electricity customers in a growing number of markets across the country, and this trend is expected to carry on as prices continue to fall. Yet regulatory frameworks and market rules in many parts of the country prevent customers from being able to provide or monetize the value their energy storage system can offer, impacting project investment decisions. Incentive programs can serve as a bridge on the path towards realizing this value, jumpstarting a state’s storage market while the necessary reforms are finalized to enable customers to secure financial compensation for the value their storage systems provide.

35x25: A Vision for Energy Storage

Published November 2017

This white paper, 35x25: A Vision for Energy Storage, details the emerging opportunities to drive the deployment of more than 35 gigawatts of new energy storage systems in the U.S. by 2025 and, in turn, move the U.S. toward a disruption-proof grid. Additionally, this report details the steps that legislators, regulators, and utilities can take to enable this vision.

Advanced Energy Storage in Integrated Resource Planning (IRP)

Updated June 2018

Energy storage deployments are increasing across the U.S., contributing to a more efficient, resilient, sustainable, and affordable grid. To continue this progress, it is imperative that utility integrated resource planning be updated to consider advanced energy storage as a viable option for system capacity. In this June 2018 update to ESA’s primer on Advanced Energy Storage in Integrated Resource Planning, we provide an overview on how to appropriately include advanced storage in long-term utility resource planning processes with examples from utilities already doing so.

Updating Distribution Interconnection Procedures to Incorporate Energy Storage

Published January 2018

This white paper provides direction to policymakers looking to update distribution interconnection rules to incorporate energy storage technology. It includes an overview of the types of distributed energy storage systems customers are likely to adopt, addresses the main interconnection hurdles facing energy storage systems, and proposes a set of recommendations on how to address those challenges in interconnection standards.

State Policies to Fully Charge Advanced Energy Storage

Published July 2017

State policymakers, utilities, businesses, and households are increasingly looking to advanced energy storage to reduce costs of electric service, enhance electric system reliability, and integrate more renewable resources onto the grid. This document offers a menu of the many actions that state policymakers and regulators can pursue to remove barriers to and accelerate storage deployment.