Energy Storage is Here Today, Changing Our Energy Economy

The energy storage industry is booming - with more than 240% growth in the U.S. alone last year, and more installations in the last quarter of 2015 than ALL of 2013 and 2014 combined.  Even President Obama recently highlighted the role of energy storage in Florida!

We created the #StorageIsHere campaign to help tell that story - and from March 28 - April 1 energy storage companies from around the world will be sharing information about their rapidly growing companies, successful projects and the impact that energy stoirage is having on our entire energy economy.

If you are a company that wants to participate in this campaign, it's easy!  Simply add the hashtag #StorageIsHere to your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn messages during the week of Mar 28 - Apr 1, and you can sign up to receive ongoing campaign information here through this quick web form!

Campaign Overview:

During the week of March 28 - April 1, the ESA along with our partner organizations, member companies and energy industry allies will be flooding social media channels with energy storage installation pictures, case studies, press releases, blog posts and multimedia content - with the goal of raising awareness about the hundreds and hundreds of successful energy storage projects and installations across the globe and the great companies that are leading the way.

This is an exciting endeavor for the global energy storage industry, and each day of the week will feature a different theme and focus area for information!

#StorageIsHere Campaign Daily Highlights:

Monday - #StorageIn5Words

On Monday, we will be ramping up the campaign and engaging in some more light-hearted social media activities on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. We'll be challenging energy companies, media figures and others to some hashtag games in order to build visibility for the campaign and engage new audiences.

Companies will be sharing their answers to questions like describe #StorageIn5Words, or #MovieQuotesWithStorage.  It's a day full of fun engagement, and will help highlight the numerous companies around the globe that are participating in the campaign!

Tuesday - Jobs and the Economy

The future of our energy economy is dependent on advances in technology and creating a more resilient, efficient electric grid.  Additionally, the innovative companies that are leading the energy storage industry are creating high paying jobs and driving the national and local economies. 

On Tuesday, companies from around the globe will be sharing information about the thousands of jobs in energy storage and the rapid growth in employment in the industry. It is an exciting team to work in the most dynamic sector of our energy economy, and energy storage companies will be sharing that information throughout the day! 

Wednesday - Storage+Renewables & #StorageChat Twitter Chat!

Did you know that energy storage can provide dozens of different services for our electric grid? From shifting energy away from our electric peaks to balancing supply and demand in microseconds for more efficient operation.

One application often cited is the relationship between energy storage and renewable generation technologies like wind and solar. Storage and renewables are able to augment each other's operations and substantially increase the value of any individual system installation. Throughout the day, companies will be sharing information about energy storage systems paired with renewable energy and the particular applications and value proposition for those types of systems.

In addition - Wednesday from 1:30pm - 2:30pm ET, the ESA will be hosting a Twitter Chat using the #StorageChat hashtag. This is a great opportunity to engage in the conversation, ask questions, and learn more about the energy storage industry. Leading experts will be on hand to answer questions from the public through Twitter! 

Thursday - #StorageIsHere & Installations

There are thousands of energy storage systems installed today, providing value services to the grid and ensuring that we have cleaner, more reliable energy infrastructure. Throughout Thursday, companies and organizations around the world will be sharing information about those installations and resources to help foster understanding of what these systems do when they are deployed in the field.

You will see hundreds of tweets throughout the day featuring different energy storage system installations, the value they provide, and the customer's experience deploying these valuable technologies.

Friday - For More Information...

And on Friday, to complete this engaging social media campaign, companies and organizations will be sharing resources, white papers, case studies and multimedia content for everyone to have useful and informative resources about energy storage.

Get engaged with us throughout social media and learn more about how energy storage is already changing the way we generate, distribute and consume electricity ever day! 

Join us in #StorageIsHere to tell the world about #EnergyStorage!