Vision for 2025: The US Energy Storage Market of the Future

May 30, 2017 - 14:00 EDT

A Vision for Generating, Transporting, and Consuming Electricity in 2025

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Join the Energy Storage Association and Navigant Research for a webinar on the upcoming ESA Vision 2025, 35GW by 2025.

A vision for generating advances in energy technology, changing regulations, and new business models will dramatically change how the United States generates, transports, and consumes electricity in 2025. A highly networked ecosystem of two-way power flows and digitally enabled intelligent grid architecture will replace the current one-way power system that is dependent on conventional transmission and distribution infrastructure. Energy storage will be a major component of the future energy system in the United States. Transporting, and Consuming Electricity in 2025

Key Topics:

  • Energy transformation
  • Energy storage
  • Energy cloud
  • Virtual power plants
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