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  • 8Minutenergy Renewables

    Our singular focus is on utility-scale solar power and energy storage. That focus can be seen in our attention to detail, which drives down our prices and expands the addressable market for solar power.

  • 127 Energy

    127 Energy is a focused team of energy and clean technology professionals with deep expertise creating sustainable power generation solutions for: Commercial & Business: Corporations, Public & Governmental Entities; and Grid Independent Power Systems: Islands, Remote Industrial Facilities, & Businesses with a high need for business...

  • Able Grid

    Able Grid is a utility-scale energy storage developer based in Boulder, Colorado and backed by leading energy investors.

    In partnership with utilities, municipalities, communities, technology providers, and financing parties, Able Grid is developing low-cost energy storage projects that improve the reliability of the electric grid and help integrate clean sources of energy.

  • Anbaric Development Partners

    Anbaric Development Partners conceives, incubates, develops, and obtains financing for projects that strengthen the bulk power grid, integrate regional markets, and bring renewable energy to population centers.

    Our top priority is to bring the highest value to our customers, investors, and electric power consumers by developing assets that bring affordable, competitively priced electricity to market.

  • BlackRock Infrastructure Investment Group

    We take a consultative approach to help institutional investors worldwide build alternatives portfolios and pursue alpha. BlackRock's alternative investment managers are supported by our firm's global resources and feature one of the most comprehensive alternatives platforms in the world,

    offering a unique breadth and depth across asset classes.

  • Brenmiller Energy

    Brenmiller Energy Ltd. was Founded in 2012 by Mr. Avi Brenmiller, former CEO of Siemens CSP and Solel, and a team of experts in the field of renewable energy. Brenmiller Energy's knowledge and expertise are well-grounded and are based on years of field experience in designing

    building and operating solar power plants in Spain and in US, since the 1980’s, of over 500MW.

  • CleanTech Methods

    CTM is an interdisciplinary team of renewable energy experts, finance professionals, and expert software developers. Our leadership is backed up by an incredible team of consultants, advisers, and partners to confidently deliver the best products ​and services to help ​you succeed.

  • Constant Power

    Constant Power, a Canadian based company, provides Energy Storage as a Service (ESaaS) to commercial and industrial customers. Our ESaaS model provides unique benefits to our clients including, energy demand management, demand response participation and uninterrupted power supply.

    Constant Power provides system operation and maintenance with guaranteed performance and increased operational resiliency, wrapped up in a service package.

  • Forefront Power Development

    The ForeFront Power team has more than a decade of renewable industry experience, serving business, public sector, and wholesale power customers around the world. Our team has developed over 800 MW of capacity across more than 1,000 projects,

    targeted on assisting public sector agencies and C&I firms to deliver the most impactful behind-the-meter, off-site, and wholesale solutions. ForeFront Power is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsui & Co., Ltd., a global energy infrastructure and investment leader.

  • Eos Energy Storage

    Eos has developed a low-cost, long-life, safe and dense energy storage technology for utility and commercial-scale applications, and is installing systems at major utility locations in the US and Europe.

  • FlexGen

    FlexGen® combines power conversion, energy storage and high speed controls to fortify, clean, and improve generating assets and power systems. FlexGen's Power Control systems are designed and built to integrate with existing power systems and SCADA controls.

  • Fresh Technologies

    FRESH Technologies Waste Destruction and Resource Recovery is turning unusable waste into reusable resources.

  • Hotstart

    Established in 1942 with the original patent for engine coolant heating, HOTSTART has over 75 years of experience in developing complete heating solutions – providing our customers with the engine preheating systems they need for easy engine starts, immediate full power, reduced engine wear, reduced emissions, and reduced fuel consumption.

  • ICL Industrial Products

    ICL Industrial Products is the world’s largest producer of Bromine and maintains an electrochemical laboratory in support of commercial and developmental activities for bromine-based energy storage solutions.

    Our expertise in production of bromides and complexing agents as well as bromine handling is available to promote and enhance growth in this new and exciting field. ICL has production facilities in Israel, Europe, Asia and North America with access to vast and highly concentrated natural resources and agreement with the Israeli government to the Dead Sea; and virtually unlimited reserves of bromine.

  • LendLease Energy Development

    LendLease is a leading international property and infrastructure group with operations in Australia, Asia, Europe and the Americas. Its vision is to create the best places; places that inspire and enrich the lives of people around the world.

  • Peak Power

    Peak Power works with numerous vendors across technology platforms to ensure the most suited solutions are provided for customers. We only work with the best-in-class technology partners, trusted execution partners, and reputable financing partners.

  • Mustang Prairie

    Mustang Prairie is a leading source of guidance and leadership for the emerging energy storage industry. Mustang Prairie promotes the growth of the Energy Storage Industry through expanding and bolstering the business service environment for energy storage product manufacturers, project developers, and investors.

  • Nikola Power

    Our team is comprised of industry veterans in renewable energy project development, structured finance, and battery analytics. The leaders of Nikola Power have developed more than 100 MW of solar and battery storage projects in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean

    — and have driven innovation in the renewables industry for over 10 years.

  • Origis Energy USA

    Headquartered in Miami, FL, Origis Energy USA is powering the solar revolution with solar power projects for utility scale solar and commercial solar energy systems worldwide.

  • Power Edison

    Power Edison provides highly modular, utility grade, turn-key trailer mounted mobile ESSs featuring state-of-the-art batteries and balance-of-system components.

  • Prisma Energy

    We enable the benefits of energy storage and provide finance, systems and asset management solutions for projects in North America and the Caribbean.

  • Ramm Power Group

    At Ramm Power Group, we're developing sustainable, pumped hydro power storage systems capable of transforming clean, carbon-free renewable energy into continuous and reliable dispatchable peak power.

    We're a team of dedicated engineers, business and finance professionals with decades of engineering, project development and construction experience. We bring large capital projects into production and create sustainable, long-term value. Learn more at http://www.rammpowergroup.com.

  • RedT Energy Storage

    redT energy is a developer and supplier of long-duration energy storage machines for use in a wide range of on and off-grid industrial, commercial and grid-scale applications.

  • Safe Hydrogen, LLC

    Safe Hydrogen believes that hydrogen is a clean, dependable energy carrier that can be produced by renewable energy. Our storage technology is low cost and can enable applications that more expensive technologies cannot. Chief among them is to convert intermittent renewable generation to base load and/or dispatchable generation.

  • Systems Control

    Systems Control, North America's leader in the design & manufacturing of solutions that enable the delivery of energy to the world.

  • Werner Electric Company

    We partner with our vendors and customers to create the best solutions based on your need. With nearly 40 engineers and product specialists are on staff we are able to provide services such as technical support, training, inventory management, engraving, custom assemblies, modified enclosures,

    lighting design, and so much more! Our unique solutions for our customers every day problems have been a valued service for 65+ years and we are excited to continue to grow and evolve to service our customers as we expand.

  • Vionx Energy

    Vionx Energy has commercialized a breakthrough design for vanadium redox flow technology under exclusive license from United Technologies Corporation (UTC) delivering twice the power at higher efficiency. Vionx is configuring this technology to focus on long-duration applications of up to 10 hour runtimes.

  • ASC Consulting, Inc.

    ASC Consulting is a consulting company working in the energy storage space.

  • William V. Hassenzahl

  • Udi Helman

  • Anthony Price

  • Richard Stuebi

  • Susan Schoenung