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    • July 18, 2014

      The Coming Storage Boom: Project Proposals Nearly Double California’s Storage Target

      California’s push to transform the market for grid-scale energy storage is working even better than expected -- at least on paper.  Last year, California created a mandate calling for 1,325 megawatts of energy storage projects by 2020, to be scaled up every two years. The first installment of proposals due this year adds up to 200 megawatts.

    • July 9, 2014

      Having Trouble Swallowing the EPA Greenhouse Gas Rules? Just Add Bacon

      Comparing energy storage to the Holy Grail has always bothered me; it has never been clear that the grail could be, would be or had been found. Bacon, however, is another thing entirely. Googling “What makes everything better?,” I found the overwhelmingly popular answer is bacon. Let’s think of energy storage as bacon for the nation’s electric grid. For decades, energy experts have said how much easier it would be to integrate renewable resources, to lower electricity demand or to reduce costs of energy — if only we could store energy as we produce it and then use it when we want it, when we need it and when it is cheapest.

    • July 8, 2014

      Snohomish PUD Nets $7.3 Million from State Clean Energy Fund

      Snohomish County Public Utility District (PUD) will receive $7.3 million in matching funds from the Washington Clean Energy Fund. Using the funding, announced this week by Washington Governor Jay Inslee, the PUD will implement a comprehensive program of energy storage and controls integration.

    • July 3, 2014

      Energy Department Makes Additional $4 Billion in Loan Guarantees Available for Innovative Renewable Energy and Efficient Energy Projects

      In support of the President’s Climate Action Plan, the Department of Energy issued a loan guarantee solicitation today, making as much as $4 billion in loan guarantees available for innovative renewable energy and energy efficiency projects located in the U.S. that avoid, reduce, or sequester greenhouse gases. This solicitation represents the next step in the Department’s commitment to support the deployment of innovative, clean energy technologies at commercial scale in the U.S.

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ESA Storage News

    • July 23, 2014

      GEI Supports Successful FERC Licensing for Eagle Mountain Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Project

      Eagle Crest Energy Co. has received its license from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for its Eagle Mountain pumped storage hydroelectric project. FERC has authorized a total of 24 pumped storage projects that are constructed and in operation, with a total installed capacity of approximately 16,500 MW. Most of these projects were authorized more than 30 years ago.

    • July 23, 2014

      Saft to Supply Li-ion Battery Energy Storage System for Kauai Island Electrical Grid

      Saft, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of advanced technology batteries for industry, has been awarded a multi-million dollar contract by Kauai Island Utility Co-operative (KIUC) to provide a Li-ion Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) consisting of 8 Intensium Max 20 M containers to stabilize the Kauai island electrical grid. Saft’s BESS will be deployed for use as part of a new 12 MW solar energy park under construction in Anahola.

    • July 23, 2014

      What Utilities Forget When They Analyze Storage (Hint: It Has to Do with Benefits)

      A lot of press lately has been devoted to the costs of different energy storage system technologies, as competitors race to out-innovate each other on this critical dimension. For instance, EOS generated coverage when it came out earlier this year and claimed it would eventually be able to deliver systems for as little as $160/kwh of DC power. And Tesla’s announcement of its Gigafactory plans generated another wave of forecasting and speculation.

    • July 23, 2014

      ReneSola Sells 40 Energy Storage Systems to Think Green Energy

      ReneSola Ltd, a leading brand and technology provider of solar photovoltaic ("PV") products, today announced the delivery of 30 ReneSola Novaplus 2KW energy storage systems to a national distributor in Chelmsford for onward sale to Essex installation company Think Green Energy. An additional 10 units are on order for use by Think Green Energy customers in the southeast of England.

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