CEO Statement on California Governor Brown SB100 Bill Signing

The Energy Storage Association (ESA) applauds Governor Brown for signing into law today SB100 – legislation that will position California definitively as a leader in the nation to move to 100% zero-carbon electricity by 2045. The innovation of California within the energy sector is welcomed by the storage industry as we stand on the precipice of realizing our own goal of 35 GW of new storage deployed by 2025. Together, our collective visions of the future will result in a better world through a more resilient, efficient, sustainable, and affordable electricity grid.

As an enabling technology with a multitude of applications, the added flexibility that storage provides to the electric grid will prove crucial to achieving the goals of SB100 in a cost-effective manner while maintaining grid reliability. Storage resources can be deployed to optimize existing renewable energy resources and to integrate additional ones, serving as a multiplier of the greenhouse gas reductions made possible by ambitious clean energy policies like California’s. Important to ESA members, SB100 will also send a strong investment signal for long-duration storage technologies, further accelerating investment and deployment of reliable and cost-effective storage on the grid as a whole.