CEO Statement on Colorado Public Utilities Commission Order on Energy Storage

Colorado regulators raise the bar for including energy storage in utility planning

The Energy Storage Association (ESA) commends Chairman Ackermann and the Colorado Public Utilities Commission for adopting an Order yesterday that codifies the intent of the Colorado General Assembly reflected in last session’s ESA-endorsed Energy Storage Procurement Act (HB 18-1270). The final Commission decision adopts many of the recommendations ESA, along with our allies at CO SEIA, SEIA and the Western Resource Advocates put forward in the associated proceeding.

In the underlying legislation authored by Representative Chris Hansen, utility planning processes are highlighted as a necessary and appropriate avenue for considering the cost-effective procurement of energy storage. With the passage of HB 18-1270, the Colorado General Assembly affirmed the importance of ensuring that energy storage resources are deployed to complement the identified grid and system needs. In turn, the Commission, through yesterday’s Order and accompanying regulatory changes, took its own momentous step toward leveling the playing field for energy storage and other flexible technologies. By requiring consideration of these resources in utility planning processes – a critical ingredient to ensuring the greatest savings for ratepayers – the Commission established a model that ESA encourages other jurisdictions to assess.

We look forward to supporting additional initiatives in Colorado aimed at increasing opportunities for energy storage deployment, so the citizens of Colorado can benefit from a more resilient, efficient, sustainable, and affordable electricity grid.