CEO Statement on December 10 Congressional Letter Urging Inclusion of Energy Storage in the ITC

Two weeks ago, the Energy Storage Association (ESA) announced a broad-based coalition of eight energy trade and advocacy groups joining together to strongly urge congressional leadership to clarify eligibility of energy storage for the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) before the end of the year. Today we make a clarification of our own:  the diverse group of supporting business associations has reached 17, and we’ve added 134 individual companies to our ranks in the past week alone.

Leveling the playing field across all energy resources by including storage as an eligible technology in the ITC will trigger the long-term investment signals needed by our business communities to continue investing in U.S. jobs – of which there are already 90,000 today supported by this nation’s storage industry. Indeed, as the storage industry marches toward its vision of 35 GW of new energy storage by 2025 – a vision enabled in part through clarification of the ITC – independent research projects the creation of an additional 167,000 U.S. energy storage industry jobs as a direct result.

To view today’s letter, along with information on the myriad of supporting business associations and individual companies serving as signatories to this effort, visit this page.