CEO Statement on Massachusetts Conference Committee Bill H4756

The Energy Storage Association (ESA) applauds the bipartisan, innovative energy policies reflected in Massachusetts Conference Committee Bill H4756. The leadership exhibited by the Massachusetts House and Senate this legislative session – especially by members of the conference committee – will advance the Commonwealth’s clean energy goals and enhance grid resilience. We especially appreciate the leadership of Telecommunications, Utilities, and Energy Committee Chairs Rep. Tom Golden and Sen. Mike Barrett for facilitating a productive conference committee.

Comprehensive energy bill H4756 includes a 1,000 megawatt-hour energy storage target by 2025, as well as the first-in-the-nation Clean Peak Standard (CPS) program. Setting a robust and longer-term target for energy storage deployment is key to ensuring that the Commonwealth’s citizens realize the approximately $2 billion in ratepayer net benefits outlined in the 2016 State of Charge report commissioned by the Department of Energy Resources. Additionally, the CPS creates a complementary market mechanism for attaining the energy storage target by valuing the specific time of day that clean energy resources deliver electricity—a value that energy storage is well positioned to provide.

This legislation will position the Commonwealth as a leader among states like California, New York, and New Jersey in breaking down the hurdles to cost-effective energy storage deployment. We look forward to working with Massachusetts state agencies and all stakeholders to implement these forward-thinking initiatives, which will attract industry jobs and ensure that the Commonwealth achieves the benefits associated with realizing the industry’s vision of 35 GW of energy storage by 2025.