CEO Statement on New York's Enactment of an Energy Storage Deployment Program

Statement from Kelly Speakes-Backman, CEO of the Energy Storage Association, on the enactment in New York of a state energy storage deployment program (pursuant to Assembly Bill 6571):

“It’s a great day for energy storage in New York. We applaud Governor Cuomo, Assemblywoman Paulin, and Senator Griffo for their leadership on energy storage and their historic decision to pass and enact Assembly Bill 6571. By signing the bill into law, the Governor joined the unanimous opinion of the legislature that a long-term commitment to deploy energy storage is critical to a more reliable and resilient, affordable, and sustainable electric system for New Yorkers. That long-term commitment, moreover, sends a strong signal to the rapidly growing U.S. energy storage industry to invest and hire New York. Energy Storage Association members look forward to working with the Public Service Commission to determine an appropriate target for energy storage deployment in New York by 2030, as well as supporting NYSERDA and LIPA in administering innovative programs to meet that target.”

Governor Cuomo's approval statement can be accessed here.

New York Assembly Bill 6571 can be accessed here.