Denver: Energy Epicenter

From research and development to some of the leading multinational project developers and manufacturers in energy storage – Denver is home to a thriving energy ecosystem, and the perfect place for us to host ESA’s 27th Annual Conference and Expo.

Colorado is quickly climbing to become one of the top 10 states for renewable energy production, and just down the road in Golden, CO is the sprawling National Renewable Energy Laboratory a net zero energy and zero waste complex that hosts the Energy Systems Integration Facility and hundreds of researchers, technologists and innovators. NREL also is home to the National Wind Technology Center, where the most advanced wind and energy storage systems are demonstrated at the base of the mountains near Boulder. With extensive support from Gov. John Hickenlooper (our opening keynote speaker!) the state has continued to implement progressive energy legislation and was first in the nation to launch a Renewable Portfolio Standard through a ballot initiative.

Right up the road in Broomfield, CO, is the US headquarters of RES, a multi-national clean energy and energy storage project developer that constructs, owns and operates more than 6GW of assets globally. And if you hop on the train from the airport to #ESACon17, you’ll pass through Pena Station which incorporates an advanced energy microgrid located at the headquarters of Panasonic CityNOW into a regional transportation hub. AES Distributed Energy is located in Boulder, CO as well, a major hub for a global renewable energy company that is accelerating the deployment of distributed resources.

Add to this a robust academic network with universities spread throughout the region working on innovative energy solutions (batteries from spent brewery grains? UCB is working on it), Denver’s energy ecosystem is a leader from the initial spark of an idea through commercialization, deployment, and operation.

There is so much to see in Denver and be a part of driving forward the energy storage industry – we can’t wait to host our attendees from around the globe in Colorado this April!