Dynapower Company Names Chip Palombini Sales Manager for Energy Management Systems

South Burlington, VT (January 28, 2014) –Dynapower Company LLC today announced Chip Palombini as Sales Manager of Energy Management Systems, as a member of the management team, reporting to President Adam Knudsen.

Palombini will have oversight of the strategic direction, expansion, and development of both grid tied and microgrid inverters, which have defined Dynapower Company as the leader in energy storage inverters for customers around the world. Dynapower sets the standard for innovation and performance of bidirectional inverters for use in energy storage applications with innovative features like multi-port inverters, combining PV and battery energy storage, and Dynamic Transfer, which enables backup power applications through seamless transition from grid forming to grid tied mode.

"I am pleased to announce Chip as the [Energy Management Systems] Sales Manager,” said Knudsen. "Chip's technical expertise, customer focused approach and market drive will be keys to his success and the continued growth of our EMS business."

“I am honored to join the senior team at Dynapower, and look forward to working with Dynapower's global team to further expand the company's portfolio and provide an enabling technology both domestically and to developing countries,” said Palombini. “I hope to leverage my technical background to provide Dynapower's customers with the highest value solution possible and look forward to contributing to the company’s continued success and leadership in this developing market. I will use this position.”

Palombini will fill the position immediately. Prior to the Sales Manager position he was a senior sales engineer, and earlier in his career a design engineer leading such development's as Dynapower's air cooled inverter product line.

About Dynapower Company
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