Energy Storage Association Honors New York State PUC Chair Audrey Zibelman and Customized Energy Solutions at 26th Annual Conference and Expo

Honorees Recognized for Energy Storage Market Expansion Work

Charlotte, NC – April 26, 2016 – At the Energy Storage Association (ESA) 26th Annual Conference and Expo, the industry honored Audrey Zibelman, Chair of the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC), and Customized Energy Solutions (CES), for their leadership in defining and creating the industry’s successful future. 

“The future of energy storage is being shaped by the work of Audrey Zibelman and the unique market insight and analysis that Customized Energy Solutions delivers. On behalf of all of our member companies, we are pleased to recognize them and their contributions to the energy storage industry’s significant growth,” said Matt Roberts. 
Honored for her expansive career creating and evolving energy markets, and her current work on New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s “Reforming the Energy Vision” (REV) strategy, Zibelman, received ESA’s Phil Symons Energy Storage Award. She accepted the award via video link from New York.

Through REV, New York is transforming the retail electricity market to create a cleaner, more affordable, more modern and efficient energy system in New York. REV includes the increased development of distributed energy resources, including energy storage. As Chair of the Public Service Commission, Zibelman is working to align markets and the regulatory landscape with the overarching state policy objectives of giving all customers new opportunities for energy savings, local power generation, and enhanced reliability to provide safe, clean and affordable electric service. 

CES was awarded the Brad Roberts Outstanding Industry Achievement Award. CES was recognized for its critical role in analyzing energy storage market structures and technologies that allow the industry, utilities and regulators in ISO/RTO markets and states, such as California, Texas and Massachusetts, to create energy storage deployment opportunities. The Award highlights the accomplishments of a member company or organization in the storage marketplace and recognizes their comprehensive industry commitment and participation.

“We are honored to be nominated and recognized by the Energy Storage Association and member companies. Today, the energy storage industry is at an important turning point for adoption and growth. Understanding how markets can be defined to capture the value of energy storage is important for the future of the industry as well as grid reliability and resiliency,” said Stephen Fernands, the Founder and President of CES, who accepted the award on behalf of the company. “My thanks goes out to the Customized Energy Solution’s associates for their pursuit of integrating and operating energy storage technologies in the wholesale and retail markets - we have only just begun.”

In addition to the awards ceremony, day two at the conference included numerous sessions and panels highlighting topics such as scaling storage deployments, the lifecycle of a storage project, and system design. The sessions ended with a utility executive panel focusing on distributed resources reshaping the modern utility, including: Lola Infante, director of generation fuels and market analysis at Edison Electric Institute; Zachary Kuznar, director of CHP, energy storage and microgrid development at Duke Energy; Curt Kirkeby, fellow electrical engineer technology strategy at Avista Utilities; Howard Smith, manager of distributed energy resource policy at Southern Company; and Richard Benedict, directed of project development at Indianapolis Power and Light. 

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