ESA CEO Statement on Colorado Energy Storage Legislation

The Energy Storage Association (ESA) is encouraged by Friday’s announcement that Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper (D) signed legislation that will advance energy storage deployments in the state. The bill begins an important process to integrate energy storage into long-term electric system planning, which will provide economic and environmental benefits to Colorado’s ratepayers for years to come.

By directing the Public Utilities Commission to determine new processes for procuring energy storage resources, the legislature has made it clear that storage must be considered as an option for cost-effective electric service. The Colorado legislature recognized what ESA and its member companies already know to be true: energy storage is a central catalyst to modernize and create a more reliable, resilient, efficient and affordable grid.

Moving forward in Colorado, the question isn’t whether energy storage resources should be considered, but rather how storage can be incorporated into longer-term electric grid planning. We look forward to working with Chairman Jeffrey Ackermann, the commission and all interested stakeholders in support of this effort.