ESA CEO Statement on Massachusetts Senate Bill 2545 – An Act to Promote a Clean Energy Future

The Energy Storage Association (ESA) is encouraged by the inclusion of energy storage in legislation passed by the Massachusetts Senate last night. Establishing a separate energy storage target, as Senate Bill 2545 would require, would ensure that the Commonwealth maintains a leadership position next to California, New York, New Jersey, and Arizona in the drive to realizing the vision of 35 GW of energy storage by 2025. Moreover, along with complementary policies already in place, an energy storage target will help the Commonwealth to realize the immense ratepayer savings and increased grid resilience that energy storage resources can provide.

ESA believes the storage language in this legislation complements the initiatives being considered in the House aimed at developing innovative market-based mechanisms to achieve the Commonwealth’s environment and energy goals. The key to an effective energy storage target is encouraging open and fair competition among all market participants – including third-party suppliers and utilities – and we look forward to continuing to work with all stakeholders to advance that principle.