New Business Models in Action: Storage Value Growing Rapidly

One of the most exciting facets of the energy storage industry is the new and innovative business models that are shaking up the century-old utility landscape.

From assets that can perform like generation, infrastructure, or load – independently, or even all at once – to the emergence of virtual power plants and aggregated asset business models, the energy storage industry is as dynamic as the technologies that power it.

We are excited to have all of these business models on display when we bring the global industry together in Denver, April 18-20 for ESA’s 27th Annual Conference and Expo (#ESACon17).

A Novel Microgrid Up Close: Pena Station

Attendees in Denver have the opportunity to join a guided site tour of the Pena Station microgrid project – which brings together a number of revenue streams and ownership models into one groundbreaking project.

Owned collectively by Xcel Energy, Panasonic, and Younicos, this microgrid project generates 5 different revenue streams that are divided in different ways among the 3 system owners to produce not only on-site energy savings and resiliency, but broader systemic and grid benefits as well.

Pena Station is also a transportation hub for the rapidly growing city of Denver, and this microgrid project is a critical facet of this novel endeavor.

You can read a case study about the microgrid project here. (Please note: attendees must sign up for this site tour before April 4th)

Storage on Wheels: It’s More Than EV’s

Another exciting announcement that just came out was in the form of a project proposed by the utility Consolidated Edison in New York. This project looks to deploy a 1MW/4MWh mobile energy storage system, that the utility can leverage when, and where, it is needed most.

These types of projects demonstrate the expansive potential of energy storage, and the multitude of ways that it can be incorporated into the grid. This mobile system will enable Con Edison to use storage where it is needed, and when new grid constraints or repairs arise, it can be easily relocated to support the utility’s mission of delivering reliable and affordable energy for all New Yorkers.

The ‘Storage on Demand’ project will enable Con Edison to deploy these systems throughout the grid, and then when not being used as a mobile unit, they can be deployed next to a generating facility to provide wholesale market and grid services (lowering costs for all rate payers!).

Con Edison's Shaun Hoyte will be a part of the ‘Utility of the Future’ panel at #ESACon17 in Denver – a can’t miss opportunity to hear from utilities themselves about innovative solutions being deployed across the country.

Virtual Reality: A New Frontier

Colorado’s High Country has always been a frontier of the American West, but when the energy storage industry comes to town in April we will be bringing insights into a bold new frontier – virtual power plants.

Our conference will host a discussion that looks at how we are transforming the grid with data, and how energy storage systems in particular are enabling better outcomes for both individual system owners and the grid writ large at the same time by using aggregated storage systems.

Virtual Reality: Transforming the Grid with Data’ will bring together Clinton Davis, Senior Vice President of Product, Sunverge and other experts from Stem, Green Charge Networks, and NRECA to share their insights into how big data and aggregated assets are enabling the next generation of business models on the grid.

Overall, ESA’s Annual Conference is the place to connect with leading companies and innovative experts, and a chance to be at the forefront of the rapidly accelerating energy storage industry. We can’t wait to see everyone in Denver – and build on the momentum of another record breaking year in 2016!