UET and Snohomish County PUD Dedicate the World's Largest Capacity Containerized Flow Battery

UniEnergy Technologies (UET) and Snohomish County Public Utility District (SnoPUD) dedicated the world’s largest capacity containerized flow battery at a celebration at UET’s manufacturing and engineering facility near Seattle. The event was held yesterday, Tuesday March 28, 2017.
The 2 megawatt/8 megawatt-hour energy storage Uni.System was recently commissioned at a SnoPUD substation in Everett, Wash.   As part of a grid modernization program to benefit its customers, SnoPUD procured the system in conjunction matching grants from the Washington Clean Energy Fund. 
Washington state is a top five energy storage leader in the United States, as measured by megawatts and megawatt-hours of systems deployed.  
Guests at the dedication included Washington Governor Jay Inslee, who emphasized the global potential of energy storage technology. “This is the kind of work that inspires the world to continue this clean energy revolution.,” he said. “We are not only producing megawatts, we are producing mega-jobs because tens-of-thousands of people are going to work every morning inventing the future of clean energy in the State of Washington.”
UET CEO Gary Yang remarked, “This year we will deliver UET systems to California, New York, Tennessee, Germany and China in addition to five systems already deployed in Washington, Italy and Germany. In total, we have more than 100 megawatt hours of systems deployed, ordered, or awarded.”
Additional partners in the SnoPUD energy storage project include:
  • Pacific Northwest National Laboratories (PNNL), which is providing analytical and technical support for the project. In addition, the new generation vanadium electrolyte chemistry used in the UET advanced energy storage system was developed at PNNL.
  • Doosan GridTech, which provides the application control software between the UET battery system and the SnoPUD electric utility control system.
A video of the SnoPUD dedication ceremony and celebration with comments from all project partners can be found online: http://bit.ly/2nJXP79
Facts about the SnoPUD/UET project:
  • Advanced Vanadium Flow Battery engineered and manufactured at UniEnergy Technologies in Mukilteo, Wash.
  • 2 MW/8 MWh system
  • Located at a substation in Everett, Washington, and owned by Snohomish County Public Utility District (SnoPUD)
  • The UET system will be used as an energy storage solution for SnoPUD’s distribution and transmission system needs at the substation
  • Procured by SnoPUD with matching funds from the Washington State Clean Energy
  • Application control software from Doosan GridTech, using the Modular Energy Storage Architecture (MESA) standard for flow batteries to provide large-scale energy storage.
For more information, please contact Russ Weed, VP Business Development & Marketing, General Counsel, russ.weed@uetechnologies.com, or Renee Gastineau, Manager, Marketing & Business Development, renee.gastineau@uetechnologies.com.