CEO’s Statement on FERC Taking Formal Action on the Rulemaking Entitled "Electric Storage Participation in Markets Operated by RTOs and ISOs"

Statement from Kelly Speakes-Backman, CEO of the Energy Storage Association, regarding the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) taking formal action on the rulemaking entitled Electric Storage Participation in Markets Operated by Regional Transmission Organizations (RTOs) and Independent System Operators (ISOs).

FERC Votes 5 – 0 to Approve New Rules for Electric Storage Participation
"The full actions taken this morning by the FERC represent the culmination of a concentrated and holistic review of the framework needed to support participation of vital electric storage technologies in the wholesale markets.  Since the rulemaking was initiated in November 2016, the Energy Storage Association – driven by the tireless efforts of its Vice President of Policy, Jason Burwen – has advocated for establishing transparent, standardized RTO and ISO policies regarding the participation and integration of electric storage.  Electric storage technologies already fulfill crucial functions in the bulk power system to provide reliable power and a more resilient grid.  With this morning’s unequivocal action, the FERC signaled both a recognition of the value provided by storage today, and more importantly, a clear vision of the role electric storage can play, given a clear pathway to wholesale market participation.
ESA looks forward to working collaboratively with other stakeholders to implement the comprehensive rules promulgated by the FERC today.”