CEO Kelly Speakes-Backman’s Statement on Minnesota Passing Legislation Incorporating Storage into Utility Planning and Funding Cost-Benefit Study of Statewide Deployment

The Energy Storage Association commends the Minnesota Senate and House for passing the Omnibus Jobs and Energy Bill, and especially for their commitment in both chambers to work together for the benefit of Minnesotans. We thank the leadership of Senate Chair Osmek and House Chair Wagenius for their bipartisan support of energy storage, which draws on language developed collaboratively by key stakeholders in the 2018 legislative session.

The energy storage provisions included in the legislation passed today paves the way for a more resilient, efficient, sustainable, and affordable grid in Minnesota. Provisions in the Omnibus Jobs and Energy Bill will require certain utilities to consider storage in their long-term resource plans and allow proposals for storage pilot projects. The legislation will also direct the Department of Commerce to quantify the value of adding storage to the grid and provide information on how much energy storage is needed to meet current and future demands on the Minnesota electric system.

ESA looks forward to working with the Department of Commerce, the Public Utilities Commission, and Minnesota’s stakeholder community to implement the energy storage policies outlined in this legislation.