ESA Policy Action

We have never been more involved in legislative, regulatory, and policy advocacy in Washington and in state capitals.  Our message is clear.  We want to open markets and promote the adoption of competitive and reliable energy storage systems in the United States. 

Our activities include:

  • Working closely with regulators at both the federal and state level to create fair, competitive markets for the adoption of energy storage technologies.
  • Ensuring that regulatory policy reflects the value provided by energy storage technologies and that barriers to the integration of energy storage are removed.
  • Promotion of energy storage technology in both federal and state energy legislation.
  • Working within the states to develop best practices that affirm the positive economic impact of energy storage projects on ratepayers and local communities.

To learn more about our on-going policy activities, our Vice President of Policy, Jason Burwen, can be reached at (202)-318-5325 or