Federal Policy

The ESA believes that energy storage is a fundamental part of a secure energy future and an effective, "all-of-the-above" national energy strategy.  That belief is increasingly being heard and accepted among policy makers - through their support for energy storage tax incentives, research and development, and broader awareness campaigns.  The ESA is privileged to work closely with Members of Congress and their staff and continues to win important victories on behalf of energy storage, including:

  • Hosting expert and constituent briefings, meetings and receptions on Capitol Hill to educate Members of Congress and to raise community interest in energy storage.
  • Joining forces with a growing alliance of trade associations across industrial sectors to open up R&D tax credits to pre-revenue small businesses.
  • Supporting a requirement for the Department of Defense to include grid resilience metrics that include energy storage solutions.
  • Recommending to rebuild from natural disasters, such as Hurricane Sandy, with grid-resilient energy technologies.
  • Continuing support for Department of Energy research and development programs at the Office of Electricity and ARPA-E.