Issue Briefs

  • Farm Bill Opens Opportunities for Energy Storage in Rural Energy Programs

    Posted: February 26, 2019 - 12:29 / Issue Brief

    The Farm Bill makes energy storage eligible for existing financing programs administered by the US Department of Agriculture that support clean energy projects in rural communities, particularly farms and small businesses.

  • Energy Storage Incentive Programs

    Posted: February 12, 2019 - 18:06 / Issue Brief

    This report is intended to provide policymakers with a guide for developing effective incentive programs for the deployment of energy storage systems. While there are several types of incentives a state can pursue to encourage adoption of energy storage, this report on rebate programs.

  • Energy Storage Tax Incentive and Deployment Act of 2017 (S. 1868 / H.R. 4649) Senators Heller and Heinrich / Representatives Costello and Doyle

    Posted: March 9, 2018 - 15:56 / ITC / Issue Brief

    Under current law, energy storage can only qualify for the investment tax credit (ITC) when integrated with ITC-eligible solar resources under a narrow set of conditions and subject to recapture risks. These conditions create tremendous uncertainty for investors. Bipartisan, bicameral legislation (S. 1868 & H.R. 4649) modifies the existing ITC for numerous energy technologies to clarify eligibility of energy storage technologies (e.g., grid batteries, pumped hydro, etc).

  • Energy Storage Policy Overview

    Posted: November 14, 2013 - 13:16 / ESA / Issue Brief

    113th Congress: Energy Storage Policy Priorities: Energy storage technologies make the grid smarter and more flexible for all other resources. Energy storage allows us to use other resources, including existing generators, new natural gas plants, and renewable technologies, more efficiently. Energy storage can provide emission-free energy when it is the most economical and convenient option, saving consumers money and reducing our need to import energy. Energy storage enables renewable energy and other resources to integrate seamlessly onto the nation’s electric grid, allowing further diversity of power generation.

  • Energy Storage Investment Tax Credit (ITC) Overview

    Posted: November 14, 2013 - 13:12 / ESA / Issue Brief

    Bipartisan legislation that would create an ITC for energy storage has been introduced in the House (H.R. 1465) by Representatives Chris Gibson (R-NY) and Mike Thompson (D-CA) and in the Senate (S. 1030) by Senators Wyden (D-OR), Collins (R-ME), Merkley (D-OR), and King (I-ME). This legislation will send the appropriate market signals to ensure this clean, efficient, and reliable technology choice is available to reduce our dependence on imported fuel, strengthen our infrastructure, and provide energy security through diversity.

  • Master Limited Partnerships (MLP) and Energy Storage Overview

    Posted: November 14, 2013 - 13:07 / ESA / Issue Brief

    Bipartisan and bicameral legislation opening up Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) to include energy storage was recently reintroduced in the House (H.R. 1696) and Senate (S. 795). This bill would provide a new market and investment structure to expand our nation’s clean energy portfolio.

  • Distributed Energy Storage Policy

    Posted: November 13, 2013 - 16:50 / Distributed Resources / Issue Brief

    The Energy Storage Association (ESA) believes that, in addition to generation, energy storage benefits extend to the transmission and distribution (T&D) system. By establishing an approved budget and framework for procuring new technologies such as energy storage, state regulatory models could provide utilities the regulatory certainty they need to invest in energy storage technologies and reap the full value of those benefits. At the same time, we should consider policies that benefit consumers and end users of distributed energy storage technologies.