Policy Working Groups

Results of 2018 Working Groups

ESA's Board of Directors voted on December 20, 2018, to adopt two policy positions drafted by the ESA members participating in our inaugural Policy Working Group process. These policy positions were developed over the course of 2018, with input from a diverse set of our membership volunteering for this pilot year.

The C&I Rate Design Working Group and the Ownership & Competition Working Group pilots were open to the full membership, including the Leadership Circle. Participants of each Working Group embarked upon the process of open discourse over six months, which was subsequently reviewed and commented upon by the Leadership Circle and recently brought to the Board of Directors. After reviewing the recommendations, the Board deliberated and came to its decision, which will guide our future public policy engagement in the effort to realize our 2025 Vision.

Read the adopted ESA positions here:

About 2019 Policy Working Groups

Starting in 2019, the Working Groups are open to ESA members who are either Policy Partners or Leadership Circle. The Working Groups will inform ESA’s official positions in state and federal regulatory and legislative engagements, which fundamentally will determine the direction of the industry—and your company’s future.

We will continue our work to form common policy ground on:

  • Multiple-Use Storage Working Group: enabling DER storage to provide end-user, distribution grid, and wholesale market services in combination
  • Storage-as-Transmission Working Group: including storage in transmission planning processes and using storage as a transmission asset

To inquire about Working Groups and membership options for participation, please contact ESA's Memberships Director, Richie O'Neill, at r.oneill@energystorage.org.