Wholesale Markets And FERC

As grid-scale energy storage systems take root in operation throughout the United States, the ESA has worked to educate staff and commissioners at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) on the role of energy storage in competitive energy markets.  Our main priority is that federal regulators remove impediments and reward innovation in open markets for ancillary services, non-organized markets, and other applications for advanced energy storage technologies.

To that end, the ESA has made significant progress, including:

  • Filing data critical to Order 755 ruling on frequency regulation payments for speed and accuracy and ensuring the rule's full implementation in the ISOs.
  • Participating in technical conferences on Small Generation Interconnection Procedures.
  • Advocating for final ruling--Order 784--opening other markets to 755; increasing third party ability to sell 
ancillary services to utilities; and including energy storage in accounting practices.
  • Educating the PJM Planning Committee on the performance of energy storage system deployment to date and the benefits of energy storage in capacity markets.