ESA Filings: NYISO

  • ESA, NY-BEST, and Industry Letter to NYISO CEO Brad Jones Seeks More Thorough Review of Storage Capacity Value

    Posted: October 16, 2018 - 11:53 / NYISO / ESA Filings

    ESA, NY-BEST, and other industry members yesterday sent a letter to NYISO CEO Brad Jones requesting immediate and further consideration on the capacity value of energy storage resources. The letter is a response to a study, Valuing Capacity for Resources with Energy Limitations, and resulting NYISO capacity market design proposals discussed at the October 9-10 stakeholder meetings, where NYISO also indicated its intention to finalize recommendations on a short timeline. Given the significant proposed changes to capacity market participation of storage premised on the study, letter signatories ask NYISO to separate this capacity market study and proposed changes from consideration in the Distributed Energy Resource (DER), Special Case Resource (SCR), Energy Storage Resource (ESR), or Intermittent Resource market design efforts under the DER Roadmap, Order 841 Compliance, or any other related effort. ESA, NY-BEST, and industry members believe a more thorough review of the capacity value study is warranted before discussing significant capacity market changes that will change the business case for energy storage in New York, particularly in light of the state's Energy Storage Roadmap and forthcoming deployment target.

  • ESA Comment on MIWG Energy Storage Integration project

    Posted: November 4, 2016 - 11:30 / NYISO / ESA Filings

    ESA appreciates the opportunity for ongoing dialog with NYISO on its Energy Storage Integration initiative and thanks NYISO for its effort to work with industry stakeholders to develop market modifications that will facilitate better utilization of advanced energy storage technologies in wholesale markets. In response to the latest update on the initiative at the September 29 Market Issues Working Group meeting, ESA has comments on several elements of the plans for Energy Storage Integration.

  • ESA Comment on DER Roadmap

    Posted: November 4, 2016 - 11:29 / NYISO / ESA Filings

    ESA appreciates the opportunity to provide NYISO with feedback on the ongoing DER Roadmap effort and provide the perspective of the energy storage industry. With the understanding that the DER Roadmap is still evolving and a number of upcoming meetings of the Market Issues Working Group will further examine specific details of the Roadmap, the follow points constitute initial feedback on some of the most pressing implications of the Roadmap’s plans.

  • ESA Comment on NYISO MIWG Presentation on Energy Storage Integration

    Posted: August 19, 2016 - 14:56 / NYISO / ESA Filings

    ESA commented in response to NYISO Market Issues Working Group’s (MIWG) request for comments regarding its August 4, 2016, presentation on Energy Storage Integration and related issues. ESA commends NYISO staff for taking the initiative to reach out to stakeholders and better incorporate considerations of storage industry stakeholders in market designs, rules, and procedures.