CA CEC PON-14-301: Demonstrating Secure, Reliable Microgrids and Grid-Linked Electric Vehicles to Build Resilient, Low-Carbon Facilities and Communities

Posted: July 3, 2014 - 07:00 / CEC / FOA-RFI-RFP

The purpose of this solicitation is to fund Technology Demonstration and Deployment (TD&D) projects that demonstrate the reliable integration of energy efficient demand-side resources, distributed clean energy generation, and smart grid components to enable energy-smart community development.

California’s electric grid must become more resilient and adaptable to climate change impacts such as increased fires, severe storms, and heat waves. Microgrids advance this goal because they are able to disconnect from the grid and provide islands of stable, independent power for critical facilities such as hospitals. This solicitation supports the development of microgrids that incorporate clean, low-carbon energy resources with energy storage and on-site energy management systems. These microgrids will help the state of California achieve its carbon reduction goals and serve as models for integrating a range of technologies into the larger grid, including electric vehicles. Projects must fall within the following project groups:

  • Group 1: Demonstration of Low Carbon-Based Microgrids for Critical Facilities
  • Group 2: Demonstration of High-Penetration, Renewable-Based Microgrids
  • Group 3: Demonstration of Advanced Smart and Bidirectional Vehicle Charging

See Part II of this solicitation for project eligibility requirements. Applications will be evaluated as follows: Stage One proposal screening and Stage Two proposal scoring. Applicants may submit multiple applications, though each application may address only one of the project groups identified above. If an applicant submits multiple applications that address the same project group, each application must be for a distinct project (i.e., no overlap with respect to the tasks described in the Scope of Work, Attachment 6).