Comment of the Energy Storage Association on the Implementation of Senate Bill 145

Posted: October 31, 2017 - 16:12 / Nevada / ESA Filings

Before the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada
Rulemaking to implement the provisions of Senate Bill 145 (2017)

Docket No. 17-08021

The Energy Storage Association (“ESA”) respectfully submits these comments in response to the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada’s (“Commission”) request for comments on implementation related to Senate Bill 145 (2017) in Docket Number 17-08021.

ESA commends the Nevada legislature for taking the important step of jumpstarting the state’s storage industry with a $10 million incentive program. ESA notes that this pilot program can create the necessary stimulus for a learning-by-doing process that will ensure that rules and procedures are updated to include energy storage. Notably, since these funds are more in line with a pilot program than a multiyear program, ESA recommends a simple, straightforward and fast-moving program design that ensures the funds are distributed in a timely manner rather than a multi-phase design. In these comments, ESA proposes a regulatory framework for the implementation of the energy storage component of the legislation, specifically Sections 1.2 and 1.3, that ensures the deployment of a diverse and cost-effective pool of energy storage projects in a short time frame. 

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