Comments of the ESA re: NY DPS Matter 14-01299 - PSEG-LI Utility 2.0 Long Range Plan

Posted: October 21, 2014 - 17:00 / NY DPS / ESA Filings

Pursuant to the September 30, 2014, Department of Public Service (“Commission”) notice seeking input and inviting comments on PSEG Long Island’s (“PSEG-LI”) Utility 2.0 Revised Long Range Plan, the Energy Storage Association (“ESA”) appreciates the opportunity to submit the following comments and information for the consideration by the Commission.

Overall, ESA recognizes the leadership role PSEG-LI has played in Utility 2.0
and the move toward a more resilient, efficient, and cleaner grid for the people of Long Island. ESA notes that energy storage technologies and applications can play a key role in realizing the vision of Utility 2.0, but affirms that the exclusion of certain energy storage technologies and business models from the Long Range Plan will prevent [the region] from realizing the full scope of benefits that this flexible advanced technology can provide. This oversight will ultimately result in a disservice to end-use customers.

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