DOE FOA 001149: Cycling Hardware to Analyze and Ready Grid-Scale Electricity Storage (CHARGES)

Posted: June 19, 2014 - 05:00 / ARPA-E / FOA-RFI-RFP

This program seeks to fund the accelerated commercialization of stationary storage technologies; ARPA-E is initiating the CHARGES program, which focuses on valuing and validating the performance of new stationary storage technologies and fostering industry acceptance of these systems. The CHARGES program includes evaluation of emerging ARPA-E funded stationary storage systems through both controlled laboratory testing as well as under real-world conditions on a microgrid, with substantial participation from future adopters of energy storage systems. This program structure will help ensure that owners of power systems assets have reliable information about the performance characteristics, operating requirements, and life expectancy of emerging stationary storage technologies as those systems are developed. The structure of the CHARGES program differs from previous ARPA-E programs; CHARGES awardees will not develop new technologies, but rather will provide facilities and exper tise to teams with existing or past ARPA-E funding who are developing new grid storage technologies. CHARGES awardees will assist ARPA-E-funded battery developers in analyzing, scaling, and testing new battery and flow battery systems, and will also provide a conduit into a potential buyer of grid storage devices, such as a utility, IPP, microgrid operator, or commercial end user.