Emissions Comparison for a 20 MW Flywheel-based Frequency Regulation Power Plant

Posted: January 8, 2007 - 19:00 / Reports

KEMA Inc. was commissioned by Beacon Power to evaluate various performance aspects of the Beacon Power 20 MW flywheel-based frequency regulation power plant, including its emissions characteristics. To support the emissions evaluation, a detailed model was created to compare the emissions of CO2, SO2and NOx for a Beacon Power flywheel plant versus three types of commercially available power generation technologies used in the market to perform frequency regulation ancillary services. 

The comparison of generation technologies included a typical coal-fired power plant, natural gas combustion turbine, and pumped storage hydro system. Emissions from the coal and natural gas-fired generation technologies result directly from their operation because they burn fossil fuels. In contrast, emissions for the flywheel and pumped hydro energy storage systems occur indirectly because they use some electricity from the grid to compensate for energy losses during operation.