Energy Storage in the Americas: Challenges in the US and Brasilian Markets

Posted: August 27, 2015 - 03:28 / Webinar / Webinar

While much of the discussion on energy storage has been firmly focused on developments in North America, similar challenges are faced in every country and Brasil is no different. Recently the Energy Storage Association (ESA) has launched a partnership with the Brasilian Energy Storage and Power Quality Association (ABAQUE) to help foster international collaboration between these two growing markets.

The Brasilian power system faces challenges that are all too familiar in the United States, and this in-depth webinar will introduce participants to the intricacies of both markets that are driving the adoption of energy storage systems. The need for resiliency, responsive power, power quality, renewable integration: all of these factors are putting energy storage at the forefront of conversations about augment our grid and electrical infrastructure.

Participants heard from ESA Executive Director Matt Roberts on global market developments and some of the common threads that we are seeing around the world, followed by an in-depth look at the Brasilian electric grid and how storage is poised to impact the way we generate, consume, and transmit energy in 8th biggest economy in the world. Carlos Brandao - the Executive Director of ABAQUE - provided insights into the evolution of the marketplace and the drivers of change in Brasil.

To access a recording of this webinar, please click here.