Energy Storage System Guide for Compliance with Safety Codes and Standards

Posted: June 28, 2016 - 11:00 / Reports

Codes, standards and regulations (CSR) governing the design, construction, installation,
commissioning and operation of the built environment are intended to protect the public health, safety and welfare. While these documents change over time to address new technology and new safety challenges there is generally some lag time between the introduction of a technology into the market and the time it is specifically covered in model codes and standards developed in the voluntary sector. 

After their development, there is also a timeframe of at least a year or two until they are adopted. Until existing model codes and standards are updated or new ones developed and then adopted, one seeking to deploy energy storage technologies or needing to verify an installation’s safety may be challenged in applying current CSRs to an energy storage system (ESS).

This Compliance Guide (CG) is intended to help address the acceptability of the design and construction of stationary ESSs, their component parts and the siting, installation, commissioning, operations, maintenance, and repair/renovation of ESS within the built environment. The bases for addressing acceptability are CSRs that have been adopted as of the publication date of this CG. Until those CSRs are updated, specific criteria for some ESS may not be provided in the CSR and as a result the acceptability of the ESS may be more challenging in terms of documenting and verifying it for safety.
The CG is intended to facilitate the timely deployment of stationary ESSs within an infrastructure of safety-related regulations, specifications, and other governing (adopted) criteria based upon voluntary sector standards and model codes that may not have been updated to specifically cover all ESS technologies or their intended application. The availability of this CG hopefully will assist those that need to document compliance with current safety-related codes and standards and guidance that what is proposed is safe. The CG is also intended to assist those responsible for verifying compliance with those same codes and standards.
The document first covers frequently asked questions in order of how they are likely to occur along the timeline associated with development and deployment of an ESS. It then addresses the ESS as a product or combination of components followed by the installation of the ESS in the built environment.
Guidance for documenting or verifying compliance with current CSR is also provided to facilitate the review and approval of ESS installations. Appendices are provided that augment the core materials provided in the body of the CG.
Due to the current evolution in ESS technology development and deployment, anticipated use of this document and future availability of details associated with particular ESS technology installations, it is recognized this document can be further enhanced. The authors welcome suggestions for future enhancements of this document.