ESA Comment to MISO IPTF on Energy Storage Interconnection

Posted: September 6, 2016 - 12:26 / MISO / ESA Filings

ESA commented to MISO IPTF’s request for comments regarding its August 11, 2016, discussion on energy storage and interconnection. ESA acknowledges MISO staff for considering a variety of scenarios and soliciting input from stakeholders on this topic. 

Battery storage provides significant benefits to system reliability, being capable of nearly-instantaneous and flexible dispatch to respond to anomalous conditions as desired by the grid operator, unlike any other resource. With increasing retirements of synchronous generation and interconnection of more asynchronous generation expected in MISO’s control area, energy storage is not only an increasingly important resource in planning for system reliability, but also can serve as a tool to address rapid, unexpected changes in power flows across the transmission network. Creating barriers to storage interconnection, either through extensive delays or unduly burdensome requirements, would constrain MISO’s future options for ensuring reliability.

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