ESA Comment on MISO PSC 4/19 Discussion of Non-Traditional Transmission Alternatives (NTTAs)

Posted: May 20, 2016 - 09:50 / MISO / ESA Filings

The Energy Storage Association (ESA) appreciates and supports the MISO PSC’s April 19 discussion of the distinction of Non-Traditional Transmission Alternatives (NTTA) from Non-Transmission Alternatives (NTA).  ESA supports MISO’s forward thinking in its proposal that NTTAs be recommended as transmission projects in the MTEP and that the MISO tariff would support cost recovery of NTTAs.

ESA requests that MISO establish in its MTEP planning process a step identifying projects/sites/problems where NTTAs could be a potential solution and then allow participants to propose projects to solve those identified problems. MISO should then study the proposed solutions for their ability to solve the problem and/or suggest modifications to those proposed solutions. This could be a bounded process limiting the number of participants and timeline for recommending a solution.

Energy storage is a unique resource that provide different services at different times to maximize system benefits. When considering energy storage as an NTTA, MISO should ensure that the resource is not precluded from providing other grid services as long as it can reliably provide the transmission service as its primary function over a given period of time.

ESA looks forward to working with MISO on the BPM language for NTTA and NTA and related MTEP processes.