ESA Comment to NY PSC on Energy Storage in the REV and CES

Posted: June 10, 2016 - 16:44 / procurement target / ESA Filings

ESA commends the NY PSC for recognizing the importance of energy storage as part of both the Reforming Energy Vision and the Clean Energy Standard.

In simplest terms, storage enables energy that is generated to be used at a later time, when it is most needed. Using energy storage can save New York ratepayers money by reducing the amount of spare capacity, in the form of excess power plants and wires, that utilities need to build to meet system peak demands. Energy storage also enhances grid reliability and flexibility by evening out fluctuations in supply and demand and serving as back-up for disruptions to supply and outages. Finally, energy storage will allow New York to integrate a larger supply of clean energy by compensating for the natural variability of wind and solar power, as well as facilitate greater penetration of distributed energy resources in residences and businesses.