ESA Comment to NY PSC on VDER Phase II

Posted: December 23, 2016 - 13:37 / CTDEEP / ESA Filings
ESA is pleased to provide the attached comment for DPS staff and the Commission on Track 2 recommendations for the value of DER proceeding. The ESA works closely with its New York industry partner NY BEST and would first like to offer its support for their comments and recommendations in this solicitation. The case for energy storage as a key enabling technology for achieving REV goals is clear and well presented by the NY BEST, and the ESA and our joint Members support their case. With these comments, the ESA would like to re-enforce a number of important recommendations made by the NY BEST.
First and foremost, the ESA believes that in order to achieve ambitious REV goals and state clean energy goals of 50% by 2030, a significant level of deployed storage will be required. The value of DER proceeding will be critical for most accurately identifying and valuing the services DERs can offer to the grid. However, given the complexity and time required to develop and deploy these new tariffs, it is critical that a transition towards implementation of these new market mechanisms is also considered.