ESA Comment to OR PUC on Order 16-316 Storage Project and Proposal Guidelines

Posted: September 30, 2016 - 16:23 / Oregon / ESA Filings

ESA appreciates the opportunity to comment on the draft Project and Proposal Guidelines and draft Competitive Bidding Requirements proposed by the Oregon Public Utility Commission in Order 16-316. We are generally supportive of the process for implementation of H.B. 2193 that the Commission outlined in Order 16-316.

ESA agrees largely with the comments of Renewable Northwest and supports their recommendations of changes to maximize the benefits from Oregon’s first energy storage program. In particular, ESA would like to express its strong support that the Commission request utilities to submit projects with an aggregate capacity of the one percent of 2014 peak load allowed by HB 2193. ESA also agrees that models used by electric companies should be transparent and auditable, not just for accountability but also because doing so can inform the activities of Oregon non-regulated load-serving entities, such as public power and co-ops, as well as of other states looking to Oregon’s leadership on energy storage.

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