ESA Comments to IPTF on BPM_10-31

Posted: November 2, 2016 - 16:47 / MISO / ESA Filings

ESA commented in response to MISO IPTF’s request for comments regarding its October 17, 2016, discussion on BPM clarification language for the interconnection of energy storage. ESA acknowledges MISO staff for considering a variety of scenarios and soliciting input from stakeholders on this topic.

As previously mentioned in the earlier round of comments for the August 11, 2016 discussion of energy storage at the IPTF meeting, ESA disagrees with MISO that no new Tariff of significant BPM changes are needed to accommodate battery storage projects which can offer a variety of use cases to provide services on both the transmission and generation aspects of the grid. The latest draft of BPM changes regarding the options for a storage resource still do not address the various configurations that a storage resource can be deployed at an existing POI. ESA would like to see MISO follow up in future discussions with a longer term solution for interconnecting energy storage beyond only choosing between an increase in generation capacity or a material modification scenario.

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