ESA Comments in OR PUC UM 1751 on Guidance to Storage Straw Proposal

Posted: June 22, 2016 - 09:01 / ESA Filings

ESA submitted the attached filing to the Oregon Public Utilities Commission (“Commission”) to inform the incorporation of energy storage into Oregon utilities’ resource planning and procurement, pursuant to HB 2193. Specifically, ESA appreciates the opportunity to provide industry feedback on the development of guidelines for procurement and deployment of energy storage systems ( “ESS”) across the grid in Oregon, per Section 3 of HB 2193. ESA has worked with the Oregon Legislature, Public Utilities Commission, and associated stakeholders – mostly closely with Renewable Northwest in this process. ESA will specifically endorse a number of comments made by Renewable Northwest in this comment opportunity. ESA looks forward to providing industry best practices, data, and perspectives throughout the regulatory implementation process of HB 2193 in UM 1751.