ESA Comments re: FERC NOI RM11-24/AD10-13

Posted: August 22, 2011 - 11:32 / FERC / ESA Filings

The Energy Storage Association d/b/a Electricity Storage Association (“ESA”)
appreciates the opportunity to submit comments on behalf of its Advocacy Council in response to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (“FERC” or the “Commission”) Notice of Inquiry (“NOI”) as issued in the above-captioned matter. ESA commends FERC for its proactive approach to ensure that ancillary services markets are open to competition from storage resources and result in just and reasonable rates for the services provided. As detailed below, ESA recommends that FERC implement several changes to its policies pertaining to ancillary services markets in order to facilitate the provision of ancillary services from all resources, including storage technologies. The reforms recommended herein will facilitate the participation of new advanced storage resources (such as flywheels and batteries) that have the potential to improve the operational and economic efficiency of the transmission system and to lower costs to consumers in regions that are outside the current organized markets.

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