ESA Comments re: PJM FERC Order No. 755 Compliance Filing

Posted: March 26, 2012 - 16:05 / FERC / ESA Filings

Pursuant to Rules 212 and 214 of the Rules of Practice and Procedure of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC” or the “Commission”), 18 C.F.R. § 385.212 and 18 C.F.R. § 385.214 and the Commission’s Combined Notice of Filings #1 dated March 6, 2012, the Energy Storage Association d/b/a Electricity Storage Association (“ESA”), on behalf of its Advocacy Council, hereby moves to intervene in the above-referenced docket and to offer comments in response to PJM Interconnection, LLC’s (“PJM”) compliance with FERC’s Order No. 755 wherein PJM seeks approval to initial the Commission’s “pay-for-performance” goals as well as its elimination of its uplift payments.

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