ESA DOER Comments December 16, 2016

Posted: December 19, 2016 - 12:59 / ESA Filings
ESA submitted its coments in response to the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources’ (“DOER”) request for comments for  Energy Storage Stakeholder Target Input Request Pursuant to An Act Relative to Energy Diversity, Chapter 188 of the Acts of 2016.  ESA members include electric utilities, independent power producers, and operators/developers of batteries, flywheels, thermal energy and compressed air technologies that have deployed approximately 800 MW of non-hydro energy storage on the nation’s electric grids.
As detailed herein, energy storage provides significant value to ratepayers and is being deployed cost-effectively today where there is an enabling regulatory framework. Presently, Massachusetts lacks an enabling regulatory framework to realize the value of storage both for ratepayer savings and for the reliability and sustainability goals of its electric system.
ESA supports the introduction of an energy storage procurement target that will incorporate storage into routine electric system planning, procurement, and operations. A storage procurement target is the optimal mechanism to accelerate cost-effective storage adoption through learning-by-doing, lowering risk, and ensuring incorporation into regular business processes and operations. Additionally, a procurement target drives robust market competition, necessary to ensure the widest range of products are offered and drive down soft costs. Finally, a procurement target serves as a coordinating mechanism across multiple state agencies’ programs and policies that affect storage to ensure efficient identification of barriers.
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