ESA Letter in The Matter of The Washington Utilities And Transportation Commission’s Investigation Into Energy Storage Technologies

Posted: April 6, 2017 - 16:38 / Washington / ESA Filings
The Energy Storage Association (“ESA”) appreciates the opportunity to provide feedback on the draft report and policy statement on treatment of energy storage technologies in integrated resource planning and resource acquisition (“Policy Statement”) as requested by the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission (“Commission”) in Dockets UE-151069 and U-161024, issued on March 6, 2017.
Since its inception 27 years ago, ESA has promoted the development and commercialization of safe, competitive, and reliable energy storage delivery systems for use by electricity suppliers and their customers. ESA’s nearly 200 members comprise a diverse group of electric sector stakeholders, including electric utilities, energy service companies, independent power producers, technology developers—of advanced batteries, flywheels, thermal energy storage, compressed air energy storage, supercapacitors, and other technologies—component suppliers, and system integrators. Several ESA member companies operate in Washington state.
ESA strongly supports the Commission’s draft Policy Statement and expects that its implementation will both ensure prudency of costs to Washington ratepayers and increase the capabilities of Washington utilities to diversify and decarbonize the state’s energy resource mix. In the following comments, ESA wishes to highlight specific areas of emphasis in its support of the draft Policy Statement. Omission of any subject from discussion should not be interpreted as lack of support.
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