FERC Order 784-A

Posted: February 20, 2014 - 19:57 / FERC Order 784 / ESA Filings

On July 18, 2013, the Commission issued a Final Rule (Final Rule or Order No. 784) in this proceeding that revised certain aspects of the Commission’s market-based rate regulations, ancillary services requirements under the pro forma open-access transmission tariff (OATT), and accounting and reporting requirements. Several parties have requested clarification of the Final Rule.

In the Final Rule, the Commission revised its regulations in three specific areas. First, the Commission revised Part 35 of its regulations to reflect reforms to its Avista Corp. policy governing the sale of ancillary services at market-based rates to public utility transmission providers. Second, the Commission required each public utility transmission provider to add to its OATT Schedule 3 a statement that it will take into account the speed and accuracy of regulation resources in its determination of reserve requirements for Regulation and Frequency Response service. Related to that requirement, the Final Rule also requires each public utility transmission provider to post certain Area Control Error (ACE) data on its open access same-time information system (OASIS) as described in the Final Rule. Third, the Commission revised the accounting and reporting requirements under its Uniform System of Accounts for public utilities and licensees and its forms, statements, and reports contained in FERC Form No. 1, Annual Report of Major Electric Utilities, Licensees and Others, FERC Form No. 1-F, Annual Report for Nonmajor Public Utilities and Licensees, and FERC Form No. 3-Q, Quarterly Financial Report of Electric Utilities, Licensees, and Natural Gas Companies, to better account for and report transactions associated with the use of energy storage devices in public utility operations.

Edison Electric Institute (EEI), Powerex Corporation (Powerex), WSPP Inc. (WSPP), and Southern California Edison Company (SCE) submitted requests for clarification.

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