Grid-Interactive Electric Thermal Storage (GETS) Space & Water Heating

Posted: July 19, 2016 - 10:42 / White Papers

“Smart” domestic Space and Water Heaters provide affordable energy storage and grid control for ancillary value, renewable integration and other grid optimization

Utilities have long been faced with the challenge of balancing electric generation with consumer demand. Typically generation is varied to bring grid balance and stability. The introduction of increasing amounts of variable renewable generation increases our need for grid balancing resources. Affordable and effective energy storage is very beneficial to utilities, consumers, and the grid for balancing supply and demand in “Real Time” and to maintain power grid stability. Today there is another cost effective demand side balancing option that brings significant economic and environmental benefit.
Grid-interactive Electric Thermal Storage (GETS) is a low cost and very effective means of providing balancing services. Combining grid-interactive communication and controls with electric thermal storage space and water heaters makes up the GETS system. This grid-interactive technology can interface with standard load management systems or other smart grid signals to provide very responsive regulation and valuable power management. When considering all stakeholders, the universal mission of GETS systems is to be a precise, dependable, predictable and verifiable “Up” and “Down” dispatchable load. GETS systems can be used to reduce load or store extra amounts of energy as needed to help manage the power system while balancing the needs of the consumer, utility, and electric grid.

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